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Cambro Camshelving® Premium Series

Camshelving Metric Premium Series is designed to withstand the harshest storage environments food service has to offer. Incredibly simple to assemble and maintain, Premium Series allows operators to quickly and easily create custom configurations. Designed for high volume food service operations, Premium Series holds up to 800 kg per unit, with removable traverses and shelf plates to adjust heights and clean completely. Shelf plates are protected by molded-in antimicrobial Camguard and can be safely run through commercial dishwashers.

5 Steps to Food Safety Cross-Contamination - Cambro StoreSafe

Putting the right processes in place to ensure the food you prepare and serve to your customers is safe will go a long way toward protecting your customers, your brand and your business. That’s why Cambro® has developed StoreSafe Store Fresh®, our comprehensive approach to food safety, while maintaining optimal freshness and food quality. A combination of Cambro products, processes and training, StoreSafe Store Fresh supports HACCP best practices at all critical points of foodservice from receiving, prep and holding, to serving, delivery and cleaning.


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