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Cambro`s NEW Non-Rusting, Long-Lasting Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack

Cambro introduces the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack, a reimagined sheet pan rack made with the same durable composite plastic materials as its highly successful Elements Series Camshelving®. The durable and reliable rack features heat-resistant rails that accept sheet pans straight out of a 350°F oven and custom center-stem casters for better stability. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack will change the way you think about speed racks.

The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack’s unique molded-in rails promote airflow for effective cooling and thawing. Positioning ribs on each rail end are slightly raised to keep sheet pans centered. Customers have the option of choosing 3” or 1½” rail spacing with the capacity for full-size or half-size sheet pans. Racks with 3” rail spacing can fit 20 full-size sheet pans or 40 half-size sheet pans and the 1½” spaced racks hold 40 full-size sheet pans or 80 half-size sheet pans. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack has no crossbars, screws or welds--eliminating any potential points of weakness.

One of the biggest departures from traditional aluminum racks is the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack’s caster options: metal zinc-plated or plastic. Metal swivel casters are designed with a centered stem, providing greater stability than typical aluminum racks. Four metal casters, two with brakes and two without, are included when purchased as part of the rack. Metal casters are ideal for uneven floors and difficult to maneuver surfaces. Plastic casters are best for applications involving coolers, freezers or any environment where moisture is present. Racks with plastic casters include four swivel casters with total locking brakes.

The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is available in three heights: full-size, half-size and undercounter. Able to withstand temperatures from -36°F to 190°F, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is compatible with hot, cold and everything in between. As with all Camshelving® products, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Should any part of the rack become damaged, each part can be replaced individually. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack will easily become an important part of your daily preparation and will continue working hard for your business for years.

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